The Inimitable Street Children

7 08 2008

Street children is a type of the children group with social, economic, and cultural problems. They have many activity in the street, especially bustle for earn money; by music, beggar, and sold out somethings. The time for activity at the street average seven to eight hours per day. All of them have ever drinking, smoking, and overwhelming drugs every time. The money which were collected for  unbenefit things.

Living in the street, which was done children on the street, have many quandary as well as sexual harasement, crime, and many disquieting from adult people. Many of them have been a target of crime, sexual abuse, and children trafficking. Why are they be victim? Especially as a target for adult people in the street; i.e. driver, crimer, and trafficker. The children can not belligerent in front of adult people. They are group of defenceless

On the other hand, street children are definite group. They have rhyme, song, languange, behavior, folklore that growing up in the street environment. Actually, they have communication perform which present of unity to each otthers for sending value, believe, and habit which the children want and need. They have many verbal and non verbal languange which indicating the unique situation. Both of verbal and non verbal communication transmit every things of rhyme, song, joking, anger, and everything elses. There are special kinds of children culture that were had on the street.

I have a little story about incomparable children viewpoint. Many of us, money are privat things. Actually, we almost keep the money for our self. Shoping, going to movie, buying the TV set, doing a tour with the family are many thing for spent our money. All of thing have done for our self. On the other hand, money have public function at the perception of street child. If they collect money, and then money they got, every one must share the others, esppecially for in-group member. Why they have been done? Believing to each others are kind of children street comunity. Every one think; If Ahmad as one of the street children can not get the money today, Abdul must share his money to Ahmad as a partner of Ahmad. That is a tenet games that they having.

We can find manything as a specific habit of street children centre of population




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