The Communication Networking on Advocation and Facilitating for Children Welfare and Protection

19 04 2008


The aim of determining regulations for children welfare and protection (CWP) is to create the best of effort in giving a better future for children. Children who are successful in social economy, who have sensitivity towards other people needs and proud of their achievement, will be the bright part of the family life, especially for the parents who are getting old. However, that ideal condition, especially in Indonesia, is still too good to be true.

In West Java area, 2002, several distressing cases on special protection and advocation for children have emerged. Those cases include the finding of some children breaking various kinds of rules, the increased number of children convicts and prisoners based on court decision, the high percentage of working children or children who are forced to work in various of sectors, the increasing number of schoolchildren as drug abuse victims, whether using narcotic, psychotropic, or addictive substances, and the increase number of HIV (+) newborn suspected to have been infected by the disease through the HIV (+) mother placenta (LAHA, 2002)

Looking back to those cases emphasized the importance of the efforts in protecting children’s right which, aside for making legal rules for the issue followed by continuous development program starting from the central government through the local one, still need specific care. Socialization and advocation on the children’s welfare and protection of their rights are the urgent effort to make this issue to be well assimilated, understood, and paid attention for by all parties including the legislative, executive, local government, NGO, pertaining offices and organization up to the parents. This effort can only be successful if there is socialization aimed to strengthen communication networking formally and informally.

In order to perform CWP advocation in a form of organization and government policy, there are several steps needed to be taken. The first is trying to identify the pertaining organizations in developing CWP. Those organizations as the knots will describe the communication and information network of CWP stakeholder on the CWP issue and the third is by trying to suggest a coordination management model in a form of communication network and CWP development interaction and the form of communication for socialization form that is performable.


*) Kajian dilakukan atas sponsor Menteri Negara Pemberdayaan Perempuan, Republik Indonesia

**) Disajikan dalam Sminar Kebudayaan Indonesia-Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 30 Mei 2007




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20 04 2008

info lengkapnya, Mas. Kalau ada dalam bhs indonesia. Nggak ngarti euy. Saya mah orang sumedang – kota tahu tea he.. he.. (makanya suka ingin serba tahu)

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